Going for a realistic diet

We have all heard that there can be no quick-fixes in weight loss. It is true and not a myth. But, you can surely and steadily lose weight from your body and achieve a perfect form, within a specified period by following a simple diet routine. I can say for sure, as such a diet has worked for me. I would feel petrified every time I would look at myself in the mirror. But, a friend of mine starting following a special diet called the Dukan diet, which inspired me to give weight loss a try, in the most natural way. If you feel you cannot lose weight by the conventional methods then probably you have to organize your diet.

Losing weight within a short period

Losing weight within a short period and never gaining it back is not a myth. It is quite a reality, if one is filling to follow the right steps. Dukan diet which has been made by a French nutritionist has been able to relieve many people from the burden of extra weight that they were carrying on their bodies. But, what does this diet plan comprise of? I initially thought that there might be some weird soup that I will have to feed on for 30 days, till I lose a Kg! But, that is not at all the case. The plan is very realistic and very efficient. The important ingredients of the plan are oat bran, water, lean protein and a brisk walk for 20 minutes. It is as simple as it gets. The main aim of this plan is to control the carbohydrate rate, so that more fat can be burned. There is no strict diet as such, that comes within the plan. One can eat whatever he/she wishes to, if those foods come within the plan. The quantity is not restricted.

High on protein low on carbs

We all know that in order to lose weight, it is important to cut down on the carbohydrates and eat more protein. But, following it has often been tough. Once you start with the Dukan diet comprising of lean proteins, you will realize that following this plan is actually not that difficult. The first phase, which is called the Attack phase, required me to stuff in a lot of lean proteins in my diet. Along with all those proteins, I also needed to feed on 6 cups of water and 1.5 tablespoons of oat bran. This phase continued till 10 days. The next phase, which is called the Cruise phase actually lasted for a few months. I was asked to have non-starchy vegetables during that time and along with that an extra half-spoon of oat bran was included. The consolidation phase required me to have vegetables every day, along with two slices of brown bread and one piece of fruit. I was allowed to have 1 slice of hard cheese too. During this phase, I was asked to have 1-2 servings of starchy food. After it, came the Stabilization phase. Once these phases were over, I found a new me in the mirror.

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Losing weight in the most natural way

Losing weight and looking fabulous is a secret dream that we all nurture. But, very few of us are able to achieve that dream body. Often our weight loss mantras and techniques fail, and we end up becoming fat once again. I had grown frustrated when nothing could help me lose all those puppy fats that I had gained over a period of 3 years post my marriage. A lot of fitness techniques had failed and I was starting to give up hope when suddenly I bumped into an effective weight loss diet called the Dukan diet.

An effective and quick weight loss solution

If you believe that losing weight is not possible naturally, then it is time for a paradigm shift. Pierre Dukan, a renowned nutritionist, has been able to come up with such an effective technique for weight loss that people have been able to lose their weight without worrying about gaining it back. I have been able to lose weight without counting calories in case of every food and also did not suffer any hunger pangs during this period. This diet has really worked for me and I have been able to remarkable alter my look within a certain time period. The basis of this weight loss diet is high-protein intake. People who have tried Venus factor, has also been able to acquire the same results. There is nothing like losing weight the natural and healthy way. The best thing about this diet is a person gaining capability to stabilize his weight for lifetime.

A 4-phase diet structure

An honest Venus Factor review will be able to tell you that such natural weight loss diets are highly effective. The Dukan diet introduces a person to four different phases to control his diet. The first two phases are called the Attack Phase and the Cruise phase, and the last two phases are the Consolidation and the Stabilization phase. If one subscribes with this weight loss program, she will be presented with Dukan recipes which work amazingly to achieve the goal. These phases will be able to teach you to lose weight without gaining any amount of weight back. Proteins are very helpful in putting a tough fight against obesity. In this diet, the proteins are very well distributed. Thus, one will not require counting any calories and at the same time, will be in a position to lose weight extremely fast. This method is really reliable and completely organic. For people who have never been on a diet, there is nothing to worry about. The diet prescribed for very individual, is tested and proved. Shedding unwanted pounds have never been easier. I have been able to lose all my extra weight within one year, and by following it religiously, I have yet not gone back to my previous weight. Hence, along with a new weight, you will be awarded with a new life too! Since, I have not known a more effective method I would recommend this to all.

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Personalized care for your weight

I have been a nutritionist for 12 years, lecturing people on the most natural ways of weight loss. But, even though a lot of my patients could abide by it to shake off their extra kilos, a lot of them could abide by it, there were a few who could not. I then instructed them to go on a special diet called the Dukan diet, which I have found very interestingly organized by a French nutritionist Pierre Dukan. This diet comprises of no hard-core dieting except that one has to stay away from fats and too much carbohydrates. Coupled with brisk exercises, this diet can found flavor with people.

Using minimum effort

There is no special recipe to prepare Dukan diet. In fact, preparing it is quite simple. One does not need any sort of exotic ingredients and also does not need to put herself under severe restrictions. Since, the focus of the diet is mostly on oat bran and proteins, there is nothing special to prepare. These meals should also comprise of healthy fats, fruits and whole grains, so that people do not get bored of having such meals. One must also not forget to go for a 20 minute walk every day. No matter how busy you are, you will surely be able to take time out for that.

A proper coaching program

Dukan diet is basically an online coaching program which will instruct people about the right ways to lose weight. People, who would be registering for the diet program, would be receiving daily instructions about the routine that they should follow. Personalized instructions are given, so that people are able to know about the food they are supposed to try the following day. Hence, there can be no mistakes and people would be able to lose weight within the thought period.

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Losing weight without sacrificing on taste

We all require proper guidance for losing weight. Whether, it is from a dietician or a fitness expert. I have always been very conscious about my weight and look and have never had problems in maintaining a fit and healthy frame. But, I guess I became too overwhelmed during the time of my marriage preparations. I managed to oddly fit into my wedding dress and from then onwards I vouched to get back to my normal diet routine, the day after. But, losing weight has never been easy. At that time, I chanced upon Dukan diet, which got me my figure back!

Healthy eating and living

Dukan diet preaches the idea of healthy living and exercising. It is actually a very method approach to weight loss. A special protein diet will be chalked out for a certain period and one has to follow it in the right proportions. Special recipes will also be forwarded to interested people, so that they may not have to go through boring diets and yet manage to consistently lose weight.

No gaining of weight back

The best thing about following this diet is that one will never feel the fear of getting back her weight. It has been two years since my marriage and I weight not an ounce more.

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